Samsung NX500 Wireless Digital Camera With Power Zoom Lens


An ideal choice for casual photographers and enthusiasts alike, the Samsung NX500 Mirrorless Camera packs exceptional image and video quality, fast shooting and versatile connectivity features into a compact package.


Samsung NX500 Wireless Digital Camera With Power Zoom LensThis camera is equipped with a 28MP sensor and a high-performance autofocus system, helping you capture even the fastest-moving subjects with speed and precision.

It also supports 4K UHD video recording.

Built to handle any shooting situation, the NX500 gives you full access to manual control with its intuitive dials and bright, ergonomic touchscreen.

The camera also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easier sharing and photo uploading.

And thanks to the camera’s interchangeable lens design, you have the option of shooting with any of the powerful Samsung NX lenses.