Homtrol Mega Pixel Smart Home WIFI IP Camera


Smart Home Wifi / Ethernet IP Network Cube Camera is designed to automate home security and protection.


Homtrol Mega Pixel Smart Home WIFI IP CameraIt includes:

1. HT-SC700

2. 2 Mega Pixel HD Resolution Lens

3. Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Sound Detection Sensor

4. Enhanced with RF Signal Strengthen Antenna

Stay Close To Your Baby With Homtrol SC700 Baby Monitor

Homtrol understands the importance for your baby’s health and safety.

SC700 Baby Monitor helps you to relax or tend to your work knowing that all is safe and well with your little one whilst they are sleeping in another room.

Whether you want to hear every tiny gurgle, view monitoring, see your baby thru day and night, monitor the room temperature and humidity, Homtrol SC700 baby monitor offers the most cost saving, highest quality solution for you.