It includes:

1. HT-SC700

2. 2 Mega Pixel HD Resolution Lens

3. Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Sound Detection Sensor

4. Enhanced with RF Signal Strengthen Antenna

Stay Close To Your Baby With Homtrol SC700 Baby Monitor

Homtrol understands the importance for your baby's health and safety. SC700 Baby Monitor helps you to relax or tend to your work knowing that all is safe and well with your little one whilst they are sleeping in another room.

Whether you want to hear every tiny gurgle, view monitoring, see your baby thru day and night, monitor the room temperature and humidity, Homtrol SC700 baby monitor offers the most cost saving, highest quality solution for you.

Homtrol HT-SC700 equipped with 2 Mega Pixel HD Lens with Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Alert Notification to your mobile devices.

With this feature, the device can provide precise readings to the room temperature and humdity level, giving you the freedom to monitor remotely without disrupting when the baby is sleeping.

Baby Cry / Sound Detection Alarm Features: Crying is the only way your baby has to communicate and to express that he /she is hungry, wet, tired, too warm, too cold or scared.

With Homtrol sound alarm (Baby Cry) will alert when baby is crying and you could start to distinguish what your baby is trying to express.

Equipped with Motion Detection and ability to adjust and control sensitivity of motion technology to minimized false alarm and customize motion sensitivity to your requirements.

Real time motion sensor detects your baby is climbling over the cradle or to dangerous areas like balcony or bathroom.

The smart home camera will send notification alerts to your mobile devices to warn you that your baby might be in danger.

Using State of the art IP solution technology, 2 Mega Pixel Lens and H.264 Compression, Homtrol Monitoring IP Cameras provide 100% clearer and clarity for imaging and video resolution.

Pan Tilt with 355 degree and 120 degree with Digital Zooming feature and 5 Preset View positions to get a perfect and easy view of the entire room.

High Definition Imaging Video with Cloud Technology allows real time streaming makes it possible to record and store all the precious moments on micro sd card (max 128GB ), mobile phone, tablets or personal computers.

Relive these moments and share them with your families, relatives or friends.

Using High Quality components and state of the art technology, enhanced Ceremic IR Night Vision hi-powered LED provide much better and enhance day and night imaging clarity to see your baby around the clock.

Remotely View, Control, Setting of the device adjustment, get Notifications, Record video and snap shots, Talk or listen to your loved ones anywhere, any moment, anytime. The perks of mobile viewing.

With P2P cloud services, you can add a variety of Homtrol monitors or cameras from different locations. Even in different states or countries, Homtrol provides you with peace of mind using our cameras or monitors.

With advanced 3D DNR, Homtrol monitors and IP cameras removes specs and grain, providing a crisp and detailed image resolution.

More than just a Baby Monitor. Provides security, webcam features for view and talk. With the ability to pair wireless security components to the device.

Hi-powered Speakers and microphone, duplex intercom technology: Stay connection with your parents, loved ones.

No matter the place, distance or time, with Homtrol smart home security automation camera, you can be connected at all times. Take a rest and check on your loved ones or even have some fun with your pet.

Homtrol enhanced Apps for mobile or tablet devices are equipped with more functions and features. We will be constantly improving for better user experiences –

All these just for you.

If you would like to operate on your personal computer instead of your mobile or tablet devices, we also have PC (Win version) just for you.

Why Choose Homtrol?


Homtrol SC700

Popular Brands


Image Clarity Focus HD Lens

2 Mega Pixel Lens

1.3 Mega Pixel Lens or above

1 Mega Pixel or below Lens

Night IR LED

Ceramic IR LED for Night imaging 10m

Advantage: Clearer night view and longer lifespan

Hi-powered IR LED for night imaging within 5 to 8m

Advantage: Cleaer night view but LED lifespan deters

8 to14 normal IR LED Bulbs for night inaging within 5m

Disadvantage: IR LED not bright for night view and spoils easily.

Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Available with Display and Notification Alarm with custom temperature level settings

Available in some brands and models only. Temperature level settings might not be available

Not Available.

Motion Detection

Available with Motion Detection Sensitivity Adjustment control

Available but not able to adjust Motion Sensitivity thus false alarm will occur or some does not have this feature

Available but not able to adjust Motion Sensitivity thus false alarm will occur

Recording Capabilities

Micro SD Card, Mobile Phone, Tablets, PC

Some cannot do recroding or to montior attachedMicro SD Card, Mobile Phone, Tablets, PC

Micro SD Card, Mobile Phone, Tablets, PC

Micro SD Card Storage Capacity



32 or 64GB

Alarm Notification

APP, Email, Snapshots to Phone, Tablets & PC

Some does not contain this feature and view only via monitor attached

APP, Email, Snapshots to Phone, Tablets & PC

View Devices

Smart Phone, Tablets or Desktop or Laptop

Most with attached monitors thus restricted to only home

Smart Phone, Tablets or Desktop or Laptop

Device Setup

Wifi, QR Code or Ethernet Cable

Some via Bluetooth or Wifi

Wifi or Ethernet Cable

Zoom Features

Yes. Digital Zoom up to 5X

Some does not contain this feature


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