High-Definition Wifi Network Camera


This high-definition network camera uses progressive scan technology.


High-Definition WIFI Network CameraCapable of VGA or HD resolution output of 2 million high-quality images of moving objects without motion blur phenomena appear.

At the same time, they also with IR-CUT filter and infrared light, even in the dark can also detect movement.

Can output multiple H.264 video streams, and a separate optimization of a video stream according to the different quality needs and bandwidth constraints.

Onvif protocol can achieve compatibility.

The unique design makes it possible to achieve a very easy and flexible installation, but also makes the rotation angle of the camera angle can reach angles of 90 and 360 degrees.

Provides a wired or wireless connection to achieve different network transmission, capable of supporting two-way voice, with motion detection and alarm functions.

In addition, its software highly integrated, multi-channel network available monitoring and management system, including the WEB browser, mobile phone monitoring platform.

Being a compact smart camera, it provides high-definition image quality and professional monitoring capabilities.

Ideal for homes, small shops, restaurants, hotels and small businesses and other monitoring sites.