How To Organize Chinese New Year Party?

How To Organize Chinese New Year Party?

What an excellent theme for any party without a lot of expense.

Do not be deterred by the fact that Chinese New Year might not be on a weekend or for everybody.

I understand it is hard to believe but people actually adopted Sunday holiday attitude onThursday nights too.

A party does not need to be over the weekend. Just ensure that it stays light and alluring.

So what do you really need?

1. Friends,

2. Snacks And Drinks,

3. Chinese Dishes And Chopsticks,

4. Lanterns or Luminaries,

5. Party Favors

The real question is how to make sure each one of these go smoothly?

Our answers are simple.

1. Make Your Guest List

If you are an introvert and it is your first time organizing a party first time round, we suggest that you keep make your guest list small.

10 good friends who are not intimidated by a Wed night social event tend to work better.

However if you have a small gathering, it is essential that every person attend so that your place does not look empty. Ensure you obtain rsvps.

If your friends and family are reliable email users, invite them with the Chinese New Year theme and message.

If not, distribute paper invitations 1 month in advance and follow up with a phone call.

2. Food

Find a nearby dim sum restaurant.

Do not attempt this cooking yourself.

If you cannot find one in your area, just search online for any buffet caterers. If you have to, email and then call them to fax you a menu or stop by and get one.

While you happen to be chatting, discover how early they require your order and enquire about pickup vs delivery. Allow more time if you happen to be having it delivered.

3. Small Group Of 10 To 12 People

Select a small group of 10-12 people.

Then order around 4 to 5 items and ensure you order enough pieces for every guest.

4. Large Group Of 15 People And More

Pick 6 to 8 items and repeat what you do for small group of people.

5. Beverage

If you happen to be concerned about it being a school night despite the fact that we mentioned to get over that, serve Chinese tea.

If not, serve Chinese beer or select one Asian influenced mixed drink. This is not the occasion to stock the entire bar.

6. Supplies And Decorations

Take a trip down to Chinatown and grab chopsticks, dishes, cups, lanterns or luminaries and little party gifts for your guests.

7. Online Shopping

If you happen to be living off town along with the nearest town and city is quite far from where you stay, you could consider online shopping whereby you can still order similar items you require for Chinese New Year party.