Fun And Creative Chinese New Year Crafts You Can Do

Fun And Creative Chinese New Year Crafts You Can DoThe Chinese New Year is a very important time of year for Chinese people all over the world.

One great way to celebrate this special time is to make fun and easy crafts with your family.

There are so many crafts that you can do to help you have more fun as you celebrate, plus these crafts will make good decorations for your home as you celebrate.

This Chinese New Year craft will be one that your whole family will enjoy doing together.

It is the Dancing Lion or Dragon Toy.

Draw the head and tail onto paper. Then cut the head and tail out.

You want to decorate with bright colors, glitter or feathers. You want to take a piece of paper and fold it in half the long way.

Then cut on the fold line so that you end up with two long rectangles.

Then take the paper and fold it so that it looks like an accordion. Then glue or tape the pieces together. This will form the animal’s body.

You want to glue or tape the head to one end of the body and the tail to the other end. Then use straws and attach them to the back of the head and tail.

This will allow you to make your animal dance for your Chinese New Year.

Another great one to do is the fireworks craft.

You will need old newspapers that you can spread out to work over. Get some dark construction paper and spread glue in geometric shapes.

You can also use a straw and blow on the glue so that it spreads out in different shapes if you want to. Then you just sprinkle glitter onto the glue.

Make sure that you put the excess glitter that is on the paper back into the glitter container.

You can do this craft with just one color or a lot of colors. These two crafts are great decorations for your Chinese New Year celebration.